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Publishing companies, licensees/distributors, authors, and rights-holding producers of audiobooks released for the first time in the United States during the period from November 1, 2020, to October 31, 2021. If you are NOT a rights-holder you must get written permission from a rights-holder to submit (non-rights holders will be asked to upload proof of permission with entry). 

Qualifying audiobooks contain at least 51 percent spoken-word content and are available for sale in the U.S. as CDs and/or in digital format. An audiobook need not be based on a printed book.


1. Release Date: All entries into the 2021 Audie Awards competition must carry a release date between November 1, 2020 and October 31, 2021. “Release date” is defined as the date the title was first made available for sale to the public in the United States. Titles reissued in a new format are not eligible, unless the “first release date” is within the qualifying period. Collections of previously released materials are eligible if the “first release date” of the new collection is within the qualifying period. Publishing companies may be asked to submit documentation supporting the release dates of their nominated titles. The release date must be submitted on the online form.

2. Rights: Entries must either be submitted by the rights-holder, or the rights-holder must give authorization to the submitter. A rights-holder may be the author, publisher, a licensee/distributor, or the producer. The same title may not be submitted by more than one company.

3. Category Limits: There are three types of Audies category: General, Narrator, and Audiobook of the Year. A title may be submitted only once into each type.

4. Submission Limits: A publisher or rights-holder may only submit 4 titles per category per APA membership (or per entity for non-members). Note: Category 1 Member Publishers may submit 5 titles per category per APA membership. 

5. Entry Review: Entries will be screened for eligibility including release date.  It is the responsibility of the submitter to determine and select the appropriate category. However, the committee reserves the right to move the entries to appropriate categories or dismiss inappropriate submissions. In the event a submission is disqualified the entry fee will be returned to the publishing company. 

6. Finalists: Up to five (or six in case of a tie) finalists will be selected for each category from all submissions and announced in February 2022.

7. Winners: Winners will be announced and awards will be distributed to a representative of the publishing company that submits the title during the Audies Gala, planned for March 2022, in New York City. 

8. Category Cancellation: At least six entries must be submitted in a category or the category may be cancelled or combined. If a category is cancelled, entry fees will be refunded, or entries will be reassigned to other categories with permission of the publishers.